It was a great pleasure to welcome Michael Phillips, Principal of Ringwood Secondary in Melbourne, and his teacher wife Karen to the academy last week.  He was on a study tour of Europe before visiting Harvard in the US.  Michael is one of Australia’s leading Principals.  I’ve visited his school twice to look at school design, applied learning and classroom practice in general.  As usual he was a great source of inspiration and ideas – leaving behind a raft of presentations and documents.  His eyes lit up when he saw our Business and Enterprise hub.  The challenge for us is to engage students through excellent teaching and learning, adapted to our new environment.  “How about letting your students drive the innovation agenda, (linking learning and technology)”, was Michael’s final challenge, as he left for Copenhagen, following an afternoon seminar with student ambassadors.

ipad presentation

Ringwood SC Annual Implementation Plan 2011v2

Footnote:  Good year for us both on the sporting front – Collingwood won the Aussie Rules Premier League and City the FA Cup.  About time too.