Wellington College has announced that they plan to develop a chain of academies with ‘well-being’ at the centre.  James O’Shaughnessy, who until recently was head of policy at N010, has been brought in to develop the ideas.

We have adopted the well-being curriculum from the College, which is based on the growing discipline of positive psychology, developed by Martin Seligman in the US.  This is a good moment for us to review how we look at ‘specialism’ – and to move on from the original idea of enterprise and languages.  We would argue that our approach to well-being encompasses not only the taught and cross-curricular aspects of well-being itself, but also sport and food, both of which are hugely popular at the academy.  Food in particular has had a renaissance, with catering the most popular GCSE in key stage four in the latest round of option choices.

Public school to create chain of 'happy academies'