I have really enjoyed my dates this year with the SSAT ‘experienced leaders’.  The final day of the year was at the monumental Outwood Grange Academy in Wakefield last week.  Martyn Oliver, who has succeeded Michael Wilkins at Outwood, provided us with some real food for thought and practical examples of how they’ve done it.  Michael has moved on as Chief Executive to exporting the Outwood improvement model to other schools within the ‘chain’ – with predictable success.

Presentations from the day:

Martyn Oliver vision presentation

Andy Schofield leadership focus presentation

Outwood lesson observation rubric

Outwood curriculum led planning template

Outwood vertical curriculum planning in detail

Key links:

Kim Marshal evaluation rubrics for Principals and teachers

Kim Marshall 5 minute lesson observation policy

New York New Leaders Principal Evaluation Framework

Hats off to Martyn for the time he devoted to our visit, for doing an afternoon slot written in the morning, based on what we said interested us most, and for  spending an hour in his office with me at the end of the day talking ideas.  At the core of the success is attention to detail, matched with systems that work and people that are inspired to put the detail into practice.  No better epitomised than by the 6 weekly monitoring and intervention cycle known as ‘praising stars’.