Following Stephen Twigg’s launch of Labour’s education strategy at RSA a week ago, Michael Gove penned a lengthy reply (see links below).

MG +

Tristram Hunt, part of Twigg’s shadow team, took issue with Gove’s query over his qualifications to teach in Stoke a number of times during his @EducationFest speech at Wellington College over the weekend.

MGove to STwigg 19th June

STwigg to MGove in reply 19th June

MGove to STWigg in reply 20th June

Footnote: this type of correspondence has an honorable tradition  in the semi-legendary year long letter writing exchange – subsequently published as a booklet – between Fred Jarvis of the NUT and the then Prime Minister John Major in 1992-1993.  As Lord Adonis pointed out @EducationFest @Wellington College on Saturday, John Major had the same three priorities as the Blair government – namely education, education, education – only Major said he had them in a different order!