One of the last things I did at Wellington Academy was to commission Shadric Toop of Sphere Design to produce large scale graphics with embedded QR codes for walls in the new academy building.  The impact was stunning.

Walls to Inspire  – a short film about this project.

The idea was to give each department in the school its own visual identity.  Some of the graphics act as beacons, to draw people across the large central atrium to specific departments that were previously hard to find.  Others line the corridors and are rich in subject specific information upon closer inspection.  All the walls contain QR codes which link to pages on the school website that give more background information on the content of each wall.  The links for the QR codes can be up-dated with different content or tasks as often as you like.

The project was commissioned in 2013, and was designed and illustrated by Shadric Toop, director of Sphere Design Associates in Brighton.